Farewell, ICERM: A Last Look at the Summer

The toughest weekend for everyone has now arrived.  We all said our final goodbyes as we moved out of King House one-by-one. Continue reading

Fitting the ODE Model to the Data

It has now been three weeks since the start of the ICERM program and my partner and I have reached a milestone in our project.  This week, we managed to find data on lead transfer rates!  This has allowed us to shift our focus toward the form of the non-linear system itself.  After close examination of the transfer rates and the data, it turns out the system of non-linear differential equations has a bit of a problem.  Continue reading

Rigorous Analysis of Two General Models

This week, my partner and I looked at two systems of ordinary differential equations: one linear and one non-linear.  Each contain a set of parameters that describe the rate at which lead travels from one compartment of the body to another.   Both ODE systems mimic the Lotka-Volterra (predator-prey) system, but the non-linear one has a few more parameters included.  It also shows that the rate at which lead moves to another compartment changes depending on the amount of lead already present in the previous compartment. Continue reading